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We dive deep into contracts and extract meaningful, actionable insights with our advanced Analytics Features.

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Customizable Data Visualization

Every company has its unique set of data points that are most valuable to it. Legalbook offers customizable analytics, ensuring that the insights you receive are aligned with what’s most relevant to your operations.

Vendor Payment Cycles at a Glance

Understand your financial obligations better. Our analytics tool delves into contracts to pull out vital details on vendor payment cycles, ensuring you’re always prepared and never miss a due date.

Mapping Geographies

Get a visual representation of your business reach. Whether it’s dealers, vendors, or customers, know where they are located geographically, allowing for better strategic planning and market understanding.

Keep Track of Important Dates

Never miss an important contractual milestone. From contract expiry dates to renewal terms, our Analytics feature ensures you’re always a step ahead and informed.

Risk Analysis and Comparisons

Contracts often come with inherent risks. Legalbook’s analytics not only identifies these risks but also provide comparative data. Understand which contracts pose more risk and why, enabling your team to take preemptive measures.

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