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Modernize your contract review process with Legalbook’s “Complete Review and Assessment” feature. Our platform is the ultimate solution for lawyers, law firms, and anyone seeking efficient, risk-free, and comprehensive contract analysis.

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Fast and Efficient AI Review

Legalbook harnesses the power of AI technology to review and assess contracts in under 3 minutes. Gone are the days of pouring over pages for hours, our tool gives you insights faster than ever before.

Comprehensive Redlined Documents

Our system not only reviews but also produces a redlined document within minutes. This document provides:

  • Factual Breakdown: A clear identification of all the essential facts.
  • Obligations Highlighted: Every obligation for all the involved parties is distinctly marked and made transparent.
  • Spot Risky Clauses: Legalbook’s AI pinpoints clauses that may pose risks, ensuring you’re aware of potential pitfalls in any contract.
  • Recommendations: Our platform suggests improved phrasing for clauses, aligning with industry best standard practices, so you can ensure your contracts are not just compliant but also top-notch.

One-Stop Hygiene Check

Legalbook takes contract presentation seriously. We believe that a well-presented contract is easier to understand, navigate, and act upon. With our platform, you get:

  • Para Numbering: Seamless enumeration for better readability.
  • Font Standardization: No more mismatched fonts that can make contracts look unprofessional.
  • Perfect Spacing: Consistent and clear space division, ensuring the contract’s clarity.
  • Clause Referencing: Direct and straightforward references to related clauses to avoid ambiguity.
  • All-In-One Defining: Every term is clearly defined, eliminating the guesswork.

AI-Powered Contract Summary

For those times when you need to provide a quick overview to a client or a stakeholder, Legalbook offers an AI-generated contract summary and review reporting. This concise report is perfect for sharing an initial analysis, ensuring your clients stay informed without getting lost in the contract jargon.

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