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Speed Up Your Contract Review and Manage your Risks in Seconds

At Legalbook, we’re reshaping the landscape of contract review for Businesses. Often, enterprises struggle to close large volume of contracts assigned for review with limited legal team. Now, with Legalbook you get automated redlining, identifying missing clauses done in seconds. You gain more than just efficiency; you transform how you manage your contract review process.

Optimized for Your Success

Legalbook Advantage

Speed and Precision for Banking & NBFC

Futurize your contract review process to meet the dynamic needs of the banking industry with Legalbook’s specialized offerings.

Streamlined Contract Creation for BFSI

Create contracts swiftly and efficiently. Choose a template, input your details, and experience how Legalbook automates drafting to precision.

Mitigate Risks and Optimize Legal Operations

Now review your contracts with Legalbook playbook in seconds, collaborate real-time with your teammates for legal positions and close your contract review in minutes, all designed to streamline your legal operations.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Efficiency

Legalbook integrates effortlessly with your existing CRM and HRMS systems, enabling your teams to operate within well-known platforms and significantly improve productivity in contract management.

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Legalbook Revolution

Customized, Cross-Sector Contract Reviews Powered by Domain Experts

Tailor your contract review processes to grow with your enterprise, regardless of industry.

Enhance Contract Creation with Legalbook

Effortlessly create contracts in moments. Select from our templates, enter your specifics, and let Legalbook streamline the rest.

Robust Protections Built-In

Minimize risks universally with our automated approval workflows and adaptable fallback clause options, designed to handle diverse enterprise needs.

Comprehensive Integrations

Integrate smoothly with a wide range of business tools like CRMs and HRMS. This enables Sales and HR departments to draft contracts quickly and comfortably within familiar platforms.

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Ready to Transform Your Contract Review Process?

Let’s Empowering your contract review process.

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Optimize Efficiency and Minimize Risks with Our Advanced AI Review Platform


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