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Unlock the Power of AI Contract Review

Unlock the Power of AI Contract Review

Contracts Made Easy

Lawyers have to review hundreds of documents in a short amount of time, and there is a serious risk of human error. There is also stress when it comes to making sure that you are providing your client with the highest quality work product for high-value contract types such as Vendor Agreements, MSA, NDA, and many more.

Legalbook patented AI technology enables you to perform the first-level review much more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With powerful features that automate and expedite your entire manual contract review process, you can complete it in just three easy steps.

Watch Contract Review in Action



Identify facts, obligations, risks, and industry insights on balanced clauses, aiding quicker review and better negotiations.


Gain industry insights on the acceptability of clauses and access our Clause Library with over 10,000 clauses to draft fresh contract templates.


A less than 5-minute read that identifies the facts, obligations, risks, summary, and balanced clause suggestions.


Identifies the risks associated with each party, helping you safeguard your client's interests first.

Save 60% of manual review time.
Don't believe it?

Get your contract reviewed instantly, in minutes.

Save 60% of manual review time.
Don't believe it?

Get your contract reviewed instantly, in minutes.

Close Deals Faster
With Rapid Contract Review

Elevate your competitive advantage by providing advanced contract services 10x faster than the conventional timeframe, while retaining your cost-efficiency.

Deliver an Unparalleled Client

Strengthen your client relationships through efficient document review, ensuring accurate interpretation, and delivering valuable insights in a timely manner.

Fit for Big & Small

The platform is backed by an extensive library of over 10,000 contracts and counting, giving our clients access to a wealth of knowledge and best practices across a wide range of industries and contract types. With support for over 160 unique contract types, we’re confident that we can meet the needs of any organization, big or small.

Law Firms

Optimize your focus on high-value tasks and enhance client service through streamlined and efficient contract review processes.


Augment your firm’s subject matter expertise and accelerate contract review. Serve more clients, faster turn around with no additional cost

Ironclad Defence

Work in a Secured Environment

Secured Amazon Private Virtual Cloud for data storage & privacy

Rigorous quality control and testing

Industry best practices for servers and operating systems

Authentication, access control and user management

Stringent measures to protect sensitive information

Build and Evaluate Your Business Case

Legalbook team of lawyers will outline crucial steps to make informed decisions and gain buy-in to initiate the delivery of quality contracts 10x faster.

  • Evaluation of current contract review process
  • Discover eye-opening statistics to support your case
  • Receive projected ROI estimate upon implementation of The Legal Book

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