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What is a Beta Version?

A pre-release of software made available for testing, typically by a limited number of users to try under real conditions.

Why an AI enable product is required to review the Contracts?

A contract review is critical to identify all the obligations and risk associated with the Contract. Contract traditionally are reviewed by lawyer which is a costly and time-consuming affair. However, an AI enabled product provides easy access to the user and speedy turnaround time. Also, it eliminates human error and maintain standard practice of review across all contracts.

How does beta version of the Legalbook will work?

Upon signing up for Beta version of the LegalBook, you will get exclusive access to upload contracts on the platform. The platform will process the contracts basis data sets of similar contracts learned by AI and additionally lawyers in the background run check the findings from AI to provide you with specific reports namely, Fact sheet, obligations, risk analysis, Clause Mapping and summary.

What type of Contract you review?

Currently, we provide contract review service to contract of specific industries, i.e. Software, AI, Manufacturing, Service and Media. We are working on improving data set for Construction, Conveyance, re-development areas and same shall be soon available.

How many contracts I am able to get reviewed under Beta version?

Each user shall get access to review to 10 contracts without payment of any premium / fees.

How much time it will take?

At present, we are processing your request through our beta version backed by efficient team of lawyers in background, it will take around 24 hours tourn around time. However, our final version shall reduce this turnaround time down to 2 hours.

How do I get my question resolved?

The dedicated manager for on-call support shall be appointed to the user who subscribes for the Enterprise module. For all other users who have limited free access to our product may write us on

How secure is my data?

Legalbook is hosted on the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud to ensure secure and easy access to resources and applications. Legalbook is secured under industry best practices implemented for server and Operating system and Network level security setup.

Can I subscribe additional users?

User access at present on invitation basis only. So only one user subscriber shall be allowed per invitation. However, for additional users you may please contact

How accurate is the analysis of contract provided by LegalBook?

Our platform is powered by AI and backed by team of experienced lawyers. Therefore, contract review reports that a user receive endeavours to cover 360 contract reviews that helps expedite  process of negotiation and closure of contracts as analysis required for negotiation and closure is readily available to user.

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