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Legalbook - Futurise the way you Contract!

Save upto 56% of your time and accelarate your Contract review with faster deal closure.

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Now Draft Your Own Contracts.

550/ month
  • Clause Library & 14000+ Clauses
  • Choose out from 119 Types of Contracts

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  • 3 AI Contract Review
  • Fact Extraction
  • Contract Summary
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Draft, Negotiate & Review

1100/ month
  • Everything in Start Suite & Bonus
  • +7 Contract Review
  • Alternative Clause Suggestions
  • Contract Editor to Edit Your Contract with Ai Review Insight
  • Contract Summary
  • Industry Benchmarking
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Review Non-Standard Contracts in Seconds

  • Auto-Redline Contracts
  • Missing Clause
  • Matching Clause
  • Identify
  • Flag Risk
  • Company Approved Clasuse for Suggestions
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