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Futurize Your Contract Review Process with Legalbook’s AI and Hybrid Services

At Legalbook, we’re not just about contracts; we’re about making your business thrive in the American market. Whether you’re a bustling startup or a medium-sized enterprise without a big legal team, or a law firm looking to optimize, our services are designed to keep your operations smooth and legally sound.

Introducing the Hybrid Offering

Navigating legal documents can be daunting without an army of lawyers. That’s where our
Hybrid Offering comes in a lifesaver for your business:

Perfect for Startups and SMEs

Select and Go:

Choose from over 50 types of contracts on our user-friendly platform.

One-Time Fee, Zero Hassle:

Only $189 per contract. No surprises.

Instant Template Access:

Seconds after payment, find a customizable template in your inbox. Just fill in your details and get rolling.

24-Hour Turnaround:

Upload your filled template on our portal, and within a day, receive a contract that’s redlined and ready for final touches.

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AI Review: A Game-Changer for Legal Pros

Lawyers, law firms, and LPOs, get ready to supercharge your contract review process:

Instant Insights:

Get actionable insights on risks, obligations, and clauses right when you need them.

Unlimited Reviews:

Dive into limitless contract reviews with our monthly subscription at just $99.

Boost Your Efficiency:

Accelerate your Contract reviews, cut down on overhead, and sharpen your legal precision—all while keeping pace with client demands.

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Bulk Contract Drafting and Review Plans Available.

Select most suitable for your business.

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Ready to Transform Your Contract Review Process?

Join the ranks of savvy U.S. businesses who trust Legalbook to keep their legal affairs in check. Simplify your operations, mitigate risks, and give your business the legal edge it deserves.


  • $199 $99/- month (limited period offer)
  • $1499 $599 for one year (limited period offer)
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Optimize Efficiency and Minimize Risks with Our Advanced AI Review Platform


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